Each personal development assessment battery is tailored to the employee being assessed. This is based on work level, secondary purpose of the assessment i.e. succession planning, type of profession and educational background. Ordinarily the assessment battery consists standard of a personality assessment, cognitive ability assessments and risk assessment. Based on the results of these assessments we identify individual strengths and development areas. Centred on each employee’s personal assessment scores we are then able to compile a personal development plan (PDP).

This is a step-by-step plan to assist the employee to identify own strengths and to be made aware of and understand his/her own development areas. Aimed at identifying an individual’s strengths and development areas within an occupational environment, as well as at a personal capacity, this assessment battery is designed to assess the individual on various aspects such as cognitive ability, learning potential, personality-job fit and individual preferences. The individual is placed on a performance/potential matrix to help identify key performers, future stars and diamonds in the rough. These assessments include a Personal Development Plan to assist the individual in addressing the identified development areas and ultimately improving on productivity and efficacy.