Psychometric Assessments play an integral role in the management of the employee life-cycle. The cost of incorrect placements and unnecessary staff turnover due to poor commitment to employee development are astronomical for the employer and all possible interventions should be pursued to ensure the best fit, both in terms of skill and workplace culture.


When taking into consideration organisational development, employee wellbeing and selection of employees, it is important to remember that all employees are unique individuals, each equipped with their own strengths and developmental areas. We can help you pinpoint these areas and help you to build your team through team building workshops.


As an employer, showing interest in the professional development of an employee is an important factor to consider. Employees can become disengaged and loose drive, energy and loyalty, inevitably leading to high absenteeism, high turnover rates and an overall negative working environment, to name but a few.


We specialise in recruitment specific assessment to add a trusted layer of certainty for employers wishing to recruit candidates best suited for their role from a psychological and work culture perspective. When “gut-feel” becomes too risky, our assessments help to drive decision making through scientifically validated means.


As expert assessors we have the added advantage of placing higher risk employees with greater degrees of certainty in terms of their abilities and psychological and work culture suitability. Our unique approach of utilising business network partners to secure quality placements results in verified competent and higher quality placements.